To Whom It May Concern...

Why do you get annoyed when we celebrate our blackness? Are we not allowed? Why does it bother you? Does it take anything away from you? I'm sorry, that is not our intention for you to feel that way and has never been. 

But must you forget? We came here in chains.


There was nothing to celebrate about being ripped from our families, treated like animals, beaten and told on a regular how useless we are.  

Yes, that happened. 

We had to fight...yes, fight, to see the beauty within ourselves when you told us it wasn't there.

We looked deep within ourselves, past the hurt, pain, and your hate for our skin to find that beam of light flickering in the midst of our rage. 

And yet, 

we found a way to celebrate who we are as black people. Because if we didn't who would've? If you were told that you were worthless your whole existence, would it be right to just succumb to that declaration and never even try to find your worth?

We had to explore it for ourselves. Deep down we knew our worth even when you said it wasn't there. We've worked hard at building up what you've tried to tear down all those years.

We didn't forget. 

And now, you've just seen a tiny bit of our pride. 2016 has allowed us to be visible just a little bit more than before, and the celebration continues. We've never stopped. Only now you can see a little of how we've always celebrated behind closed doors. Only now we are choosing not to hide it anymore. 

As more doors swing open for us, and the more visible our blackness...our beautiful blackness becomes to you, the celebration will become even louder and more intense.

This is only the beginning. 

Whether you join in with us or not, we have, can and will forever scream with pride about how far we've come. Within the span of a few hundred years, we've built ourselves up from what you said was nothing. And we will continue to do so despite any opposition. It's never stopped us and it never will. 


Signed, an intimidated black girl now unashamed black woman.