Wanting and Not Having

I have a fear of getting what I really want. 

Sounds crazy, yes I know, but this is a real thing. I didn't know that this was possible until I sat down and examined myself. And it definitely makes sense. But how is it possible? To be afraid of receiving the very things that I am asking for?

It’s a subconscious fear.

If you are like me, you may have long been in the space of “wanting and not having”. 

You have been praying for something for years and it hasn’t come to fruition yet. You have allowed yourself to get used to not getting what you ask for so much so, that when you do ask or even think about what you desire in your heart, you secretly believe that it could never come true because…you’re just so used to “wanting and not having”. 

We allow our minds to get stuck in this space. Some of us have been in this space for so long, it unintentionally becomes our comfort zone.

By the time the “receiving” season rolls around, it’s unknown territory and we get scared. We get stuck in the “too good to be true” zone and we run from our own blessings because it just… couldn't be happening to us. 

But why? Why does this happen?

Believe it or not, many of us subconsciously believe that we don’t deserve what we are asking God for. We have a flawed way we see ourselves - we judge what we deserve based on how “good” we think we are. We internalize every failure and have a hard time forgiving our past faults. We rob ourselves of experiencing great joy by constantly devaluing who we really are. 

But God doesn’t see us that way, so why do we? We have a loving Father that wants to give us everything we ask for and more.

Sometimes God has a few kinks to work out in us before He gives us what we are asking for, and it’s often for purposes that we don’t even know and wouldn’t even understand.

It is our job to trust Him and His timing.

We are "Kings Kids" and whether we get what we are asking for or not, we already have an inheritance waiting for us with our name on it! - Ephesians 1:11 (the hands raised emoji could go right here, lol) And that is greater than anything we could ever receive down here on this earth.

We have to stop speaking negatively over ourselves. Start believing that you deserve everything that God wants for you. Better yet, act like you already have it. So by the time God is ready to give you that promotion or when He’s ready to present the man of your dreams to you, you won’t run. It won't be foreign. You’ll be ready to accept it into your space because you've already made a home for it mentally. And now, the physical manifestation is ready to take its place.


Have you ever experienced fear of getting what you truly desire? Let's chat about it. Leave a comment below and tweet me to discuss.