Feelings, Not Facts

Emotions are little fighters, begging for attention, begging to be seen and acknowledged.

Acknowledge them. Don’t ignore them, as they will continue to fight for your attention…or even worse, infiltrating their way into other areas of your life.

Sit with them, feel them. Let them speak, yell even. Once they’ve had their moment and are satisfied, quiet them down. Don’t allow them to be your decision makers when you have a heart and a mind with incredible strength and ability to steer you in the right direction.

Create a safe space for your emotions to live and breathe but feed your mind and spirit truths. Allow the Holy Spirit to help guide you in your decision making when your feelings are trying to overpower you. Pray. Take deep breaths. Get quiet and give God space and time to speak to your heart.

Remember, your feelings may not always be fact, but they are valid. It's okay to feel them. Practice feeling them, without letting them control you.

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