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Growing up, I was a quiet child.

I stayed close to my Mother, and was never too far from the secure, comfortable grasp of my Father's hands. Being the middle child of five, my identity was constantly questioned by others. I was constantly being compared to my older siblings and even my two younger ones.

Being a very internal child, I internalized everything. I constantly thought, "Who am I really? Where exactly do I belong?" I wondered, "Why don't I look like this or why can't I speak like that?" 

I was looking for answers on the outside, trying to draw conclusions about what I felt on the inside. 

And then something happened. 

I discovered poetry. 

I was about 12 years old when I discovered my voice. I discovered that I could write! And really well at that! So I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. I used poetry to release all of the confusion I felt inside. It calmed me, it soothed me. It became my release.

On more occasions than one, poetry saved me.

It allowed me to articulately express what wouldn't for the life of me properly pass my lips. 

And even now, as a woman, poetry and creative writing is still saving me. This gift of writing that God has given me has allowed me the ability to communicate what I feel more effectively and honestly. Even more so,

God is using this gift He gave me to reach hearts all over the world.

And that continues to be my desire - for Him to speak through me by giving me the words to reach the hearts of His people.

These past few years have been challenging; both spiritually and emotionally. But in the midst of these challenges, God has proven Himself; over and over again by restoring me after having been broken. And each time, all I want to do is shout from the mountaintops all that He's done for me.

I'll never forget what my Father told me days before he passed away. He said,

"Everything that we go through is for someone else."

And every day, his words become more real and present to me.

This is the purpose of A Love Perfect: To share what I've gone through in hopes of helping someone else.

I'm Saunya Shelise, 

a complex, creative, multi-gifted individual who is passionate about the hearts of people.

I created this space to share with you pieces of my journey, my heartbreaks, my triumphs and my discoveries.

It's not about being perfect, but about allowing God to use my imperfections to uplift others and glorify Him. Some of it you may relate to and some you may not, but ultimately, I pray that it encourages you and fills your heart with the warmth of God's love. 


"God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. And as we live in God, our love grows more perfect." - 1John 4:16b-17



Saunya Shelise Hudson is a complex, creative, multi-gifted writer who is passionate about the hearts of people. Having accepted Christ at a very young age, (4yrs old), her life has been a journey of self discovery and finding her purpose in Christ. After receiving her Master’s of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications in 2011, she went forward to pursue her creative ambitions. In 2012, she established her first small business, SASHgems, a handmade jewelry boutique founded on the idea that beauty lies in simplicity. 

In 2013, Saunya was overcome with an intense desire to share her gift of encouragement with others and created a space online, A Love Perfect, sharing honest and transparent stories of her journey with God's love. Shortly after, she founded and launched the first The Prayer Project 30 Day Written Prayer Challenge on January 1, 2014. Thirteen challenges later, Saunya has been joined by more than 4,000 intercessors all over the world committed to praying selflessly for others.

Saunya lives by this axiom: “Our journey's were not meant to be perfect. We were meant to be tried, tested, broken and hurt so that each of us can be refined and polished...not to perfection, but into whole useful beings that God can use to help someone else.”