Relax, I'll take care of you

It had only been one month since I had packed up my things and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Everything was new. The air was crisp and the scent of new beginnings was thick. I wasn’t in Chicago anymore. 

Relocating to a new place has its side effects. One being that I would sometimes forget my new location. The sweet “yes ma’am’s” “yes sir’s” I would overhear from youth speaking to their elders always reminded me that I was no longer in the Midwest. Yep, I lived in the South now.

On a quiet day, typical for me, I was out and about running errands. I hopped into my car and headed out to do one of my favorite things. I had my reusable bags in hand and my pre-written list perfectly organized in the notes section of my iPhone. 

Yes, grocery shopping for me is a whole ordeal, haha. I enjoy strolling through the aisles sifting through items to fill my refrigerator and pantry. 

After about 45 minutes spent filling my cart with goodies, I purchased everything and was headed back to fill the trunk of my car. As I was walking out of the store, I pulled my keys out of my purse and froze in my tracks. My car key was missing. 


Right at that moment, I went into panic mode. I opened my leather tote that I was carrying that day and swished everything around ten times frantically hoping that my key would be possibly hiding under my makeup bag or stuck in between my notepad. 

But no, it wasn’t. 

I felt my blood pressure rising and my heart pounding in my chest. I’ve only been in Charlotte two seconds and I’ve already lost my car keys! Really, Saunya?

I ran back into the grocery store, paced the aisles, practically running, not caring who may have been looking at me. I HAD to find my key! 

All the while, my frantic, panicky thoughts started pouring in…

"How would I get home? I’m in a new city and I don’t even know anyone yet." 

"I knew I shouldn’t have moved!" 

"I’m not cut out for this!" 

"Where is my Dad when I need him?" 

"See, THIS is why I need a man." 

"Oh Lord, please! This is not happening to me right now!" 

"HOW will I get home?!"

Feeling somewhat defeated, I slowly walked out of the store back to my car where my cart full of groceries was still waiting for me, (if I were back in Chicago, there is a 98% chance that cart would’ve been GONE) and with tears welling in my eyes, I leaned on the tail of my car with my hand on my chin, trying to think of my next move. 

Not even a minute passed when I glanced a few feet ahead…and there it was. 

There my key was laying only a few feet away from my car. If I remember correctly, there was a ring of light beaming around it, lol. 

I must have dove head first and grabbed that key so fast! The relief I felt! I quickly put my groceries in my trunk as fast as I could. I could feel a stream of tears hot and ready to escape my eyes and I needed the security of my car before that dramatic release. 

I jumped in my car and the river started flowing. 

I was relieved, overwhelmed and thanking God all at the same time. The possibility of being stranded in a parking lot of a grocery store doesn’t seem so scary. But in a strange city? It was scary to me. 

In that moment I felt God’s love for me wash over me like a gush of fresh air. Why was I worried? Why did I panic? God promised to take care of me and in that moment, He did. 

I literally only had to look down a few feet away and there was my key safe and sound as if while I was running around, God himself placed it right where I would find it. When I saw that key, I swear I could hear the Holy Spirit saying to me,

“Here you are Saunya. Relax, I told you I would take care of you."

In that moment, I forgot all about God’s promise to me. I Immediately started filling my mind with negative thoughts and the worst possible scenarios. I allowed fear to overtake me and totally left God out of the picture. 

Now that I think about all of the thoughts running through my mind, I laugh. God probably laughed too. 

When we think about God’s love for us, it’s easy to think of the big grandiose acts that He’s more than capable of doing, but every day, in “small” ways, God reminds us of His love for us. 

He gently reminds us of His grace. 

And while we may be panicking or running around like a chicken with its head cut off, God has the power to calm us by simply reminding us, “I’ll take care of you.