How to Pray When Facing a Crisis

We know that God is available 24/7, every hour of every day to hear from us when we are in need. What a wonderful privilege it is to have that kind of access to our Creator! But sometimes situations happen in our lives or in the lives of someone we know where we feel a sense of urgency. A crisis has appeared out of nowhere and you don’t know what to do. The emotions you may be experiencing are overwhelming and you know that this time is different. You REALLY need God’s attention. You want to make sure that God hears you and will answer.

In urgent moments like these we often look to God because we know that there isn't any one person that can explain or understand the fullness of what is happening but God. We also tend to feel guilty or embarrassed to bring it to God because we are extremely angry or frustrated because we know the situation is out of our control. Don’t. God knows our frustrations and He knows that we get angry. After all, He is the one who gave us those emotions! When you feel this way, don’t feel guilty or apologetic for feeling that way. Pour it ALL out to God...all of it. Cry, snot, scream - whatever you have to do, just release it all to Him.

I used to feel bad when I “let God have it.” All of my frustration, hurt and anger I would express to Him and afterward I would feel SO much better. Like a huge weight was just lifted off of my shoulders. But then I would feel terrible because I had basically just yelled at God lol! I would feel so sorry.

Just this past week I read something that really helped me.

“If you are smack-dab in the middle of a crisis today, cry out to God. Tell Him exactly how you feel. He can handle it. Someone once told me that God is not embarrassed by the honesty of our prayers. Get gut-level honest with God and tell Him how badly you hurt, how angry you are, and that you need His help to get through this crisis. Don’t worry about God – He can deal with this. When you cast (which means “to throw”) your cares on Him, throw your best stuff at Him. He wants you to. It’s a great first step toward praying appropriately in the face of a crisis.”John Hull, Pivotal Praying

“God is not embarrassed by the honesty of our prayers.” – Whoa. I can’t explain to you how much that sentence alone helped me. I no longer needed to feel bad, because God actually wants us to dump everything we are feeling on Him! God wants us to be 100% honest with Him. He wants us to show Him our REAL emotions. THIS is how we connect with God. This vulnerable, open state is where God can do His best work. But He needs one thing from us. HONESTY.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” – 1Peter 5:7(NIV)

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