When Passion Meets Purpose

So let's have an honesty hour...

With the growth of the project I started at the top of this year in January, The Prayer Project, my mind has been filled with new ideas to get it to grow, expand and flourish. I recently have been overwhelmed with my many ideas of turning this project into a business. Although having these thoughts are perfectly normal and fine, I really have to take a step back and remember why I started this project in the first place. So I'm taking a moment to check my heart and correct any selfish motives behind its growth.

I didn't start The Prayer Project for the purpose of turning it into a business. Not at all. Money was the furthest thing in my mind. I began this movement because I saw a need. I saw a heartbreaking need that I knew I wanted to help with. God opened my eyes and put a burning fire in my heart filled with intense compassion and desire to contribute to a change. I knew then that I couldn't be afraid anymore. I had to do it. I had to listen to and answer the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit impressing on my heart how He's prepared me for this.

When I think of why I started The Prayer Project, I'm reminded how sad I felt for those with broken hearts that had grown cold; for those who had never experienced the warmth of God's love through the people surrounding them. I remember believing that I had something worth sharing that could help. I remember feeling overcome with excitement that God had given me something to offer.

It saddens me that so many of us are lost. We don't know how to love. We are subconsciously relying on the poor examples of love that we see on TV and in our homes not knowing that these poor examples are singlehandedly destroying us and our relationships. Some of us don't even understand what it means to be selfless or even kind. 

These are things that break my heart. 


I see people "cutting people off" left and right, treating relationships and people as possessions and commodities that are interchangeable, as long as it benefits them. We don't know what it means to serve or to put others before ourselves. We have completely lost and overlooked what Jesus taught us was MOST important (John 15:12). Our hearts are a mess because if it. 


THIS is why I started The Prayer Project. 


My passion is to contribute to changing people's tainted perspective of love and helping reinstitute Jesus' example of what love is and how we are to love others.

My prayer for this project is to reach the unreachable. To build a community of intercessors to be the extension, the hands and feet, of Jesus' heart; sharing with the closed-hearted and cold-hearted His perfect and transforming love in efforts to break open their hearts to receive all that Jesus Christ has for them. As a result, I pray that this will create a ripple effect, where more people are reached by gentle acts of genuine Christly love, recognize God's immense love for them and do the same for others. 

My prayer is that hearts are changed and made whole, broken relationships are restored and that love, God's love, begins to rule in more hearts and more homes and will ultimately draw the unsaved to salvation.

By Christ's love, all of this is possible.

I recognize and am in constant awe of the power in God's love. It was God's love that saved me. Saved me from myself and saved me from living a life of ruins. It is God's love that continues to rescue me, over and over again. And for this reason alone, it my life's mission to share that with as many people as I can.

This is why this project is so near and dear to me. This is my personal reminder. I've written this here so that I will never forget, no matter how large or small The Prayer Project becomes, the reason I've started this project.



"Dear Children, let us stop just saying we love each other; let us really show it by our actions." 

- 1John 3:18 (NLT)