Prayer: Thank You

How often do we say a prayer just to thank God? No requests, no complaints, no demands...just to say thank you and express your appreciation? God is our Father and He has feelings too. He gets sad, He feels hurt, He smiles and feels joy just like we do. Imagine if your child always begged and complained to you and you never ever heard those sweet words "I love you mommy." or "Thank you Daddy." I don't have children but I can imagine that it is the most heartwarming and wonderful feeling to hear appreciation after you work so hard to provide for them. Now think about God. He deserves to hear those heartfelt words more than anybody. Try praying appreciation and adoration prayers at least once a day, and just imagine our Heavenly Father beaming with joy and pride. He's worth it.

Dear Most Gracious Father,

Thank You for giving me another chance. I make mistakes and You forgive. I slip up and You still love me. Thank You for not giving up on me. It's because of You that I know what true love is. You love me even though I at times I forget to acknowledge you. You still love me even when I get so distracted that I don't even take the time to say thank you. Thank You for showing me the most honest and pure love. Thank You for filling all the voids in my heart so much so that my heart overflows with love and joy so that I may share it with those around me. Lord, Thank you. For Your wisdom and mercies, Your provision and peace. Lord on this day I just want to say I love You. Most of all for just being You, perfect in every way. 

In Jesus' name,