The Blessing of Time

Last week I went out for soup and salad with a friend, while we were chatting she said something that changed my perspective on this period in my life. I was explaining to her what was going on in my life right now and how God's timing seems to be totally different than my timing (which is most cases anyway lol). I had been guilty of complaining about not being exactly where I want to be and not having the things I had expected to have at 28 years old. I was gently reminded that God did not forget about me nor does He not know the purpose of what this time in my life represents.

She said, "Don't look at this period in your life as not having what you want, but look at it as God blessing you with time." 

That was indeed an aha moment for me.
I often times forget how much a blessing it is that God has provided me an abundance of time to not only develop and pursue my endeavors, but time to spend with Him. He loves me so much that He has allowed me time to '"get it right". Time to seek Him how I want and time to prepare for what's to come. Excess time to us may seem like a daunting waiting period to getting the things we want, but sometimes to God, it is a preparation period. 

Cultivating a right relationship with God has provided me with insight into His will for my life. We get so busy and sidetracked with what we want and how we want it, that we often times forget that God is there waiting for us to talk to Him, to spend time with Him, and ask Him what He wants us to do with what He has presently given us. We can't ignore God and expect Him to give us everything that our hearts desire. This teaches me to ask God to help me to be content where He has placed me and show me what He wants me to do right now. It also teaches me to thank God for this time that He has blessed me with to develop a more intimate relationship with Him.

The next time I open my mouth to complain about what I don't have, I will instantly thank God for what He's given me, the time He's given me and that He knows exactly why I am where I am and where I am going. 

Reference Scripture: "Draw close to God and He will draw close to you." James 4:8a