One of my first loves...Poetry

soul cries

no one listens

heart repaired

like gold sitting on a mine

not seen

not searched for

trying to maintain its glisten

soul cries

won't you listen


"soul cries" 

- Saunya

I write poetry often. I swear I have poems scattered my phone, in my journals, in my desktop, on my tumblr, on my instagram...

Poetry was one of the first creative outlets that I was introduced to early in my childhood. I was an innocent 11 years old when I was introduced to poetry. I instantly fell in love with it. As a shy and quiet child who had trouble expressing herself, poetry became my favorite form of expression. It really saved me. It gave me a way to put what I couldn't quite articulate verbally into written form. I surprisingly still have every poem I have ever written since I was 11 years old in my possession. I treasure each one of them. They each vividly paint pictures of where I was emotionally and mentally in my life. It captures my journey beautifully.

Anyway, I recently have been trying to decide if I wanted to share my poetry here on my blog. Since a lot of my poems reflect my hidden and revealed trues, I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to do this. I decided that this gift that God gave me was meant to be shared so... this will be a new section on my blog! All of my poems that I post will be original pieces of mine. I also will occasionally post poetry from other writers that have inspired me.

I'm so excited to be adding this to my blog! You all will get to see another facet of me and my love for creative expression in written form.