Prayer: "Teach Me To Wait On You"

How hurtful must it be to God when we constantly complain about what we want or what we don't have? Sometimes when I think about that, I have to instantly ask for forgiveness. It's hard to wait for the things you want and the things you are trusting God for at times. If we can learn to be content with where God has placed us, and learn to use and take advantage of everything God has given us as this time in our lives, by the time God blesses us with what we asked for, we won't even realize that it was missing. God wants our main focus to be on Him. Look to Him and He will provide everything you need.

Dear Lord,
I say that I trust You, I say that I believe You but all I utter out of my mouth are complaints.
I don't have this and I don't have that, Lord, that must really hurt You. Please forgive me for not appreciating what You have blessed me with. Help me to see the beauty and light in all that You have given me. I pray for contentment in my current situation and pray that You would give me the courage to be everything I can be with what I have now until YOU see fit for me to have more. Lord, thank You for being so patient and gracious with me. Teach me how to wait on You. 
In Jesus' name,