A Love Perfect

Ahhh, I finally did it! I started my blog! What inspired me to create a blog? Quite honestly, I never had the desire to create one, but I knew I needed to. For as long as I can remember I have always kept a journal or a diary. I would write as if my life depended on it. It was my therapy. It was my outlet when no one else would hear me. It was my safe. In those pages are thoughts, feelings, emotions, prayers... within those pages lie my heart. And now 28 years later, I am no longer ashamed of what are in those pages. As I flip through them, I see the transformation that God took me through and is still taking me through. I recognize my journey and am proud of it.

I am now in a place in my life where God is prompting me to share. God has been infinitely perfect in my life and I now know that it is up to me to share what He has done for me in hopes of encouraging you. It is my goal to keep this blog as simple as possible. It is my goal to only write straight from my heart. And it is my goal to be transparent, open and even vulnerable at times and allow God to use me as a vessel to reach the hearts of you who are reading. I consider this my open journal. 

I hope that something said in these posts encourage you. I hope that you will feel the warmth of God's love through my words, and that you will see how perfect God's love really is.