What if I told you that the lowest point in your life could be

the beginning of your journey to your greatest breakthrough?

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"After these two weeks of intentional time spent with myself and God I feel as if my heart is finally on its way to truly healing for the first time in my life." - Cecilia


"Even before starting this journey I knew that it was for me. I had been battling with a broken heart and healing and although God had revealed a lot to me, I still felt like there was more to overcome. In doing the heart detox I have to say that I didn't necessarily get what I thought I would get from it---I got so much more. Starting the challenge, I thought I was still dealing with the hurt and the pain. I thought I was still broken. I thought there was still healing to do. How wrong I was. This challenge helped me to see that everything I cried and prayed about, God did it. He healed me. He set me free." - Crystal 


"The first day I knew how much this would change my life. I took my time and marinated on each day, reading through all the scriptures and completely the worksheets with much thought and prayer. I felt God really pushing each lesson deep into my heart and I knew exactly why! I needed this heart detox for whatever it is God has planned for my future! This was so on time and so very orchestrated by God. I am so grateful to Saunya for creating this challenge for me (because I feel like this was made with little ole me in mind!!). The healing this challenge has brought me is immeasurable!" - Mary


"I can not begin to express the quietness this challenge has brought about. I have always been into journaling, but I had a fear of someone reading my deepest feelings and fears, so I would not be true to my writing. This challenge has given me that realness I was missing for along time. It has also increased my Bible time and my time with God. I actually wish it was longer, but I am truly grateful for the time and patience you have put into the challenge thus far. I am also thankful for your openness and your willingness to be transparent." - Danielle


"I experienced a break up. The Heart Detox has been great for me. Of course I have moments of pain and sadness but THD is helping me have productive and healthy emotions and actions. I feel like this was tailored just for me because each day the topic is about what I previously prayed on the night before. I see His signs and understand the process. With the help of the detox and God I know I'll be okay. Thank you for recognizing your gift and sharing it with the world." - Sakoyra

"He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds." - Psalm 147:3