Have you ever wondered why God gave us emotions? 

Isn't it interesting that one minute we can feel on top of the world

 and the next feel the world on our shoulders? 


During this challenge, we will explore five central emotions that tend to cause us pain

and discover how we can grasp control over these feelings that God meant for our good.  

"I feel that I was led by God because this challenge aligned with how I’ve been secretly feeling these last 4 months or so. You truly helped me discover things that I thought I’d given to Jesus but really it was God’s plan to show me that I still needed to fully acknowledge them so I can be set free.  Thank you for staying true to your purpose and obedient to our Heavenly Father.

I just want to say to others who may read this, this challenge is not for the faint of heart. It truly assists you with becoming the best you and to thrive in all aspects of your life." - Shebah B

"I've been blessed by the prayer challenges, but this Emotions challenge though?! I think it is the best by far!! It feels as if God is speaking directly to me through this challenge!!" - Shantay

"This challenge the Lord placed on your heart was meant for me in so many ways. To be revived, renewed, restored, rejuvenated is what I needed and what I received. I’ve learned from this challenge that fear has no place. And I’ve learned to speak those things over my life and live freely. To confront my emotions and to grab them and rule them and not allow them to rule me. Thank you! - Ashley

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