Are You Teachable?

As Christians, we have to be open to being taught. To being changed.


Life throws some pretty bad blows. And at times these blows makes us angry, disillusioned, confused and often makes us retreat from the people we trust and love. Life's blows has the power to change us in the worse way. 


So what do we do? 


We fight back. 


We don't succumb to life's terrible blows, but we seek God's transforming truths (in His word) to expose the lies that we've been suckered into believing about ourselves. 


We ask God to show us what's right from what's wrong. 


We accept when He shows us our mistakes and ask Him to help us do better. 


We don't ignore the wrong within ourselves, we acknowledge them, bring them before God and ask Him to fix it because we can't fix it ourselves.

We have to be open to being taught. 


And just like a child is disciplined and reared by his parent, so should we respect and accept the rearing God does within us. 


This is the only way we can grow, get better and become who He truly designed for us to be.