I am excited to announce my new project for the new year that you all can participate in! It is called The Prayer Project. 

The Prayer Project is a 30-day written prayer challenge starting January 1, 2014! This idea enveloped me a few months ago during my personal study time with God and I knew I had to do it. I have witnessed the transforming ability of prayer and I would love to help others experience that as well. God gave us prayer to help us build a relationship with Him and lighten the burden of our daily problems. And as simple as prayer is, many of us are intimidated by it or just forget to incorporate it into our daily lives. Prayer is essential to spiritual growth and getting to know God. God longs for us to know Him, but how can we know Him if we never talk to Him? God also gave us prayer to lift up others. Sometimes the people that concern us the most, don't know how to pray for themselves or they may be going through so much that praying for themselves is the last thing on their mind. This is an opportunity for us to step in a pray for them on their behalf. This act is called "intercession".

The idea of this project is to commit yourselves to praying for one individual by writing a prayer a day for 30 days straight. I have done this in the past for someone that weighed heavy on my heart and the relieving, transforming, mending power of prayer changed me and the situation. This is where the idea was birthed. What better way to begin the new year than by praying for those that concern you? Read below to find out more and how you can participate.

The Transforming, Healing and Unifying Power of Intercession
30 Day Written Prayer Challenge! 

How often do we tell someone, “I’ll keep you in my prayers” and never actually pray for them? It slips our mind or we forget about them by the time we actually close our eyes to pray.

Are you one whose prayers consist of mostly petitions and requests? How often do you take the time to pray for people other than yourself? People like your friends, loved ones, or even strangers?

Committing to pray for an individual is one of the most selfless acts anyone can perform. It says, “I choose to love you. I care for your soul and your well being. It takes any differences that you have with that individual, release any desired control and place it God’s hands.

Not only does this selfless act of love benefit the individual that you are praying for, it greatly benefits you! It strengthens your personal prayer life and your relationship with the Lord. It softens your heart to anger and hurt by allowing you to release those burdens to God. It helps your attitude toward people improve. You develop a compassionate and unselfish heart. You become less likely to talk about people and their problems and more likely to pray for them. And overall, it is exciting! It allows you to see lives change and God’s hands at work in the lives of others.

Intercession helps you redirect your focus. Instead of immediate judgment of a person, you will be led to pray for them. And what better way to help someone you love than by taking your concerns for them to the One who created them. It’s an honorable act that is reverenced by God.

The Prayer Project is designed to:
  • Help mend relationships
  • Strengthen bonds
  • Turn our worries and concerns for the people we love into prayers
  • Create deeper intimacy with God
  • Strengthen prayer lives
  • Teach humility and selflessness through focused prayers for specific individuals
  • Create habits of building up those around us by praying for them
  • Build regular communication with God
  • Encourage more unity among family and friends and less division
  • And ultimately, to encourage spiritual growth
How to Participate:
  • Choose a person that is on your heart to dedicate 30 days of prayer to. Do not inform the person you are praying for that you are doing this.
  • For 30 days, write one prayer a day as a journal entry. Keep them in a handwritten journal or type them and keep them in a folder on your computer.
  • At the end of the 30 days, if you choose, present the person you were praying for with the prayer journal as a gift. Let them know that God placed them on your heart to lift them up in prayer and that you decided to pray for them with no hidden agenda or intent to receive anything in return. Make sure you are doing this as a pure and genuine act of love.

The first 30-Day written prayer challenge will begin January 1, 2014.
After signing up, during the 30 day challenge, you will be sent weekly tips, testimonials, encouragement, and more to help you get through the 30 days.

If you are up for the challenge, sign up at the link below to let me know that you are joining! Make sure that you check your email and click the link to confirm your participation!