Prayer: "Transform Me. I want to love like YOU do"

Many days I'm reminded that I just don't have the power to love the way Jesus loved. I mean, He endured the most pain, torture, criticism and He still loved. He shared with people, He forgave, He encouraged and taught without a bit of reservation. When I lash back at people who have hurt or betrayed me, sometimes I think, "Is this what Jesus would have done?" How did Jesus do it? God gave Jesus the power to love in spite of how people treated Him, and He gave us that same power. Even if it seems impossible, God gave us the ability to love those who are unloving toward us. But we can only receive this power if we ask for it and allow God to control our emotions. It's so easy to turn our backs on people who don't love us and I am guilty of doing so. Why would I want to love someone who did me wrong? It just seems so logical right? I honestly didn't truly understand what loving others really meant until my adult years. Loving those who hurt us heals, restores and helps the very person who hurt us. It really is powerful. Read 1John 4:7-20 and it will blow your mind what God has to say about love.

Dear Lord,
Every day I wake up is evidence that you still have a job for me to do. But everywhere I turn there are doubters, fear, betrayal and hurt. How can I continue on when negativity is all around me? How can I continue to love others when others willingly hurt me? Lord, I know that I can only do this with Your help. I need Your strength, I need Your power. Help me to easily forgive. Help me to not harbor pain and hurt and place it in Your hands. Lord I trust You, but I know I can't wholly trust You without giving my all to you. And that includes my past and all of my past painful situations. Lord help me to be free so I won't carry that heavy weight anymore. Please give me the power to love, share, and give freely even if I don't receive it in return. And as a result, those around me will know that You reside in my heart and the light they see in me comes from You. Lord, I thank you for Your transforming power and grace. Thank You for the work You're doing in me.
In Jesus' name,