Introducing Weekly Prayer Posts

I sometimes search my journal and read old entries to remind myself how far I've come. There is something very encouraging about reading old prayers knowing that God has answered them or just to see what was on my heart at that particular time in my life. A few days ago, I was talking to God, pouring out to Him what was on my heart. While I was praying, I was reminded of an old written prayer from just a month before. I opened my journal and there it was, in written form, the very same prayer I was speaking to God at that very moment. As I was reading it, my heart was lightened because I felt better knowing that what was in my heart was still current. I still had a heart ready and willing to be transformed. It just confirmed for me that I really meant what I was praying. I decided to share this prayer with you all and am going to share weekly some of my own prayers in hopes of encouraging any of  you who may be going through something similar.

Only YOU can see what's really in my heart. 
Only You know what's really there even if I may 
lie to myself and pretend that everything is perfectly fine. Lord, I need help. 
There are things in my heart and mind that 
shouldn't be there and that I am ashamed of. 
There are old habits, feelings, and patterns that needs to go!
I really need you to search my heart 
'O God and show me what I don't want to see about myself 
so I can clean it up. 
I don't want to pretend anymore.
I have a few problems and I really need to address them
 if I am ever going to be 100% good use to You.
 I open my mind and heart to receive anything you have to tell me. Lord, help me. 
In Jesus' name,